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Transform your fitness, health and confidence with highly personalised Small Group and 1-on-1 training in the heart of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

About US

Located in Randwick, Sydney, our fitness studio’s diverse and supportive community welcomes members of all ages, life stages and abilities.

With a focus on Small Group Training, personalised attention and smart technology, we deliver results-driven training to transform the body and mind.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Pit!

change starts now

The moment you step into The Pit, you’ll start to transform not only the way you look and feel, but also the way you think. A healthy body and a positive outlook go hand-in-hand. As you surround yourself with individuals who share your goals, and experience the guidance of professional coaches who have transformed the lives of hundreds of others, you’ll gain the confidence that we call ‘The Pit Strut’. This is how you’ll achieve it:

Personalised Coaching

Working with you, your coach will use the state of the art True Coach app​ to build your individualised training program.

Staying accountable

Our data accountability sheet makes it easy to stay on course, tracking movement, sleep, nutrition and more.


By recording all your training stats in our tablets, technology will help you train smarter and achieve more.


Our coaches have the skills and experience to create programs you'll enjoy and goals you'll reach.

check ups

We monitor progress with strategy coaching, measurements and accountability check-ins.

this is what we do

Whether you want the 1-on-1 attention of a Personal Trainer or the motivation of working out with fellow members of The Pit community, we pride ourselves on offering training sessions that will help you reach your goals and have fun doing it!

1-on-1 personal training

Whether you want to look your best for an upcoming wedding, holiday or other event, or you’re focused on improving your strength, flexibility, balance, speed or cardio health, the undivided attention of our Personal Trainers can help you achieve it sooner. 

Small group training

Training in groups of no more than 6 participants to 1 Coach, you’ll reap the benefits of semi-personalised training tailored to your goals and abilities, AND the fun and motivation that comes from working out in a group of likeminded members of The Pit  community!


$79 for two weeks

We know that once you’ve experienced the wonderful Pit community you’ll want to make it your new home-from-home. But we also know it’s only natural to be cautious, so this offer lets you try a little bit of Pit before you commit!

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